Maqam Kareem

A Qur'anic term signifying residences of excellence and beauty.

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About Maqam Kareem
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Make people's dreams of living in a good, secure, and healthy place a reality

An elegant and safe home is the dream of every human being, and the human endeavor to obtain it is an instinctive drive and a basic need that every human being strives for, such as food, drink, and medicine. Kemedar recognizes this essential desire through its comprehensive network within the real estate realm, and facilitated obtaining decent housing for its clients through the development of suitable and healthy housing. While being mindful of budgetary constraints, we make homes available for rent or via a balanced financing lease system, striking a balance between investment returns and affordability for our clients. Kemereit Co-Real Estate Investment Trust , a branch of Kemedar Holdings, hopes, through its Maqam Karim project, to contribute in an effective way to reduce the gap between what is offered -which was developed based on the preferences of developers not customers- and the actual requirements of customers who will live in these houses. We believe that this will contributes to solving a real problem that haunts many people in the availability of housing. appropriate to their social and financial situation.

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Our Mission

Crafting a unique residential blueprint, influenced by the genuine housing needs of clients, ensuring it's both dignified and appropriate. We prioritize the financial considerations for our clients, striving to offer these residences at the most affordable rates. This approach aims to harmonize between the socio-economic interests of clients and the investment goals of stakeholders.

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Our Vision

Maqam Kareem will be a distinctive brand in all countries of Kemedar’s operations, driven by the strength of Kemedar’s offices in those countries, which provide marketing and development support in making similar models for Maqam Kareem with the franchise system in all countries, which achieves the required trust factor in real estate management, which allows targeting more clients in any country We work with it to be their first choice when moving from one country to another and residing in it


New advantages of the Maqam Kareem

Rent or Lease only

For the first time, the entire building was built from the beginning for the purpose of renting, not selling, as is usual

Unique Product

A distinctive real estate product that has no equivalent in the real estate market that achieves a balance between demand and return on investment for its investors

Embracing Minimalism

Breaking new ground, Maqam Karim embraces the ethos of minimalism in its design and development. This approach aims to curtail unnecessary expenses and avoids indulgence in elements that don't directly enhance the customer experience.

Franchise System

An integrated franchising system to clone the model and spread the brand in different regions locally and globally, which gives an excellent brand positioning to both customers and investors.

Meets the actual Needs

Meeting the need and filling a real void in the target market in which we have no competitor

Co-Sharing investment system

Creating a distinct investment system with crowdfunding technology that is already designed (peer to peer investment) specifically to decentralize investment and expand the idea as much as possible

Rights Guaranteed

All rights and investment are guaranteed by the real estate asset, so the risk ratio is at its lowest

Property Management System

Especially designed for Kemereit to manage all units in maqam Kareem effeciently

What we offer?

This compact smart residential module adopts a hotel apartment concept (studio), enhanced with collaborative amenities reminiscent of hotels. Designed for long-term leasing or rental arrangements, it targets specific clienteles. Here are some of its distinctive attributes.

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Compact Yet Complete Each unit, spanning no more than 35 square meters, is innovatively designed to maximize space, promising the luxury and comfort of a hotel room.
Smart Furnishings Fully equipped with space-efficient smart furniture suitable for a couple, with extra space considerations for a child or guest. Residents simply bring personal belongings and clothes.
State-of-the-Art Home Tech Access via fingerprint or facial recognition, ensuring energy conservation.
Adaptable Layouts Customizable partitions available for on-demand installation by Kimidar technicians.
Architectural Excellence Externally flaunts a unique architectural style, replicated via the Franchise system, and is eco-conscious.
Landscape Innovations Skylights deter pests, while smart irrigation maintains the greenery efficiently.
Smart irrigation All landscapes are irrigated in a smart way, using smart irrigation technology.
Exclusive Resident App A bespoke Kemeret application allowing residents to manage payments, control devices, and access their units.
Environmental Consciousness In-house desalination units improve the surrounding environment.
Hotel-like Ambience Reception and waiting areas at the entrance mirror hotel standards.
Rooftop Amenities A women's coffee shop and other recreational facilities like an indoor pool and gym.
Community Resources Complimentary library subscription and co-working spaces available via a smart card system.
Shared workspace Residents can use the shared workspaces to study with the smart card system and buy watches.
On-site Dining Family-friendly restaurant with private rooms available for reservations.
Shared Amenities Features include a laundry, men's gym, rentable reception rooms, sports facilities, and more, accessible through the smart card system.
Optimized Views An innovative system to maximize interior and exterior vistas.
Leasing Versatility Multiple units can be combined for larger families.
Floor Facilities Each level boasts communal spaces, reception room, and daily-rent guest rooms.
Efficient Delivery System Dedicated mini-elevator for deliveries managed by reception.
Specialized Residencies Floors allocated for female or elderly residents with medical rooms on each floor.
Sustainable Waste Management Environmentally-friendly disposal systems for various waste categories.
Holistic Health Coverage Leveraging community size to secure optimal health insurance terms, included in the rental.
On-site Medical Care Resident medical personnel and health records management.
Nutritious Dining Healthy dining options overseen by a certified nutritionist, with monthly meal plans available.
Green Energy Eco-friendly building equipped with solar energy solutions.
Safety Measures Reinforced rooms for fire and earthquake protection, innovative escape skates, and regular maintenance by Kemeret's tech team.
Protection equipment Innovative protection skates to survive in the event of a fire or earthquake.
Furniture and unit maintenance Free maintenance of all facilities and furniture through a specialized technical department of Kemeret.
Sanitation Services Optional monthly cleaning packages and on-demand cleaning.
Innovative Patents All novel building concepts and applications are patent-registered.